Indicado por Aaron Thorp

O Chianti Poggio Alla Luna da Reserva Importadora figurou entre os 4 melhores vinhos para acompanhar-nos nas resoluções de Ano Novo em 2015. A seleção foi feita por Aaron Thorp, diretor de vinhos do The Standard, High Line Hotel e proprietário da Wineshop no East Village de Nova York.

Confira a matéria original:

“Just over a week into 2015, New Year’s resolutions are still fresh in our minds. Some are easier to keep than others, especially when they involve a tipple or two. For wines that will help us keep our resolutions (and taste good too!), we consulted Aaron Thorp, wine director of The Standard Hotel, High Line and the proprietor of WINESHOP in NYC’s East Village. Here, his picks for the best wines for New Year’s resolutions.

The Weight Watcher

Bisson ‘Glera’, Marca Trevigiana, Veneto, Italy 2013
Made from 100% Glera, this slightly aromatic sparkler falls into the frizzante category so it’s an easy wine to sip. Add to that it’s made in a completely dry style, and this may be the most refreshing sparkler around. If that isn’t enough, at 11% alcohol, you can enjoy all of the fun a sparkling wine presents with only a percentage of the guilt.

The Localist

Bloomer Creek ‘Cabernet Franc Vin d’Ete’, Finger Lakes, New York 2011
Quite possibly one of the best expressions of Cabernet Franc outside of the Loire Valley, this lighter, more aromatic cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon is replete with red currant, fresh cut herbs, and hickory. What’s equally attractive is that it’s Empire State all the way, being produced in the backyard of NYC. It doesn’t get more local than that.

The Health Nut

Jean-François Ganevat ‘Madelon’, Jura, France 2013
A blend of Gamay and Enfariné, this is natural winemaking at its best. With biodynamic farming, no fining/filtration, and no sulfur added, the result is something quite special. Opening a bottle begins with red raspberry preserve, pushes through savory notes of garrigues and scorched earth, finishing with a beautiful balance of minerality and fruit. As many great natural wines do, this takes you on a ride you don’t want to get off.

The Penny Pincher

Poggio Alla Luna, Chianti, Italy 2012
If you’re like me and find yourself having been a bit spendthrift over the holidays, a wine that drinks 2-3 times its price is a welcome addition to a wine collection. Poggio alla Luna has crafted a wine that combines the classic tar and roses often associated with Sangiovese with a poise and affinity for food at what it would cost to cab it from the East to the West Village.